Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to choose the nicotine contains of disposable vape that is comstomize your needs?

To get the greatest enjoyment out of your vaporizers, it’s important you find the nicotine level that is just right for you.

Smokers who move over initially try and replicate the cigarette experience in terms of strength, so the average smoker who smokes say 10-20 cigarettes a day will normally start on an 18MG nicotine strength. With the introduction of nicotine salt liquids, the smoother (no throat hit) and quicker delivery of nicotine hit mean they actually are closer to the cigarette experience, similar to the “first cig of the day”. As they migrate to a more powerful device, they tend to lower their nicotine intake and start experimenting with other flavors.

As with e-cigarette devices, advice on the right level of nicotine concentration is critical.

It is important to ensure that your nicotine intake closely mirrors the same level delivered when smoking.

To select the proper nicotine level you need to ask two questions.

1.What is your current tobacco use?

2.What type of device are you using?

Choosing your nicotine level doesn’t have as much to do with how many cigarettes you have a day, it’s more about the kind of cigarettes you smoke.

There is no exact level of nicotine listed on a pack of cigarettes, and that’s because some cigarettes contain more nicotine than others.

Below the closest comparison that is available between e-liquid and cigarettes.

Unfiltered, very strong cigarettes – 36mg of nicotine

Full flavor and strong cigarettes – 24mg of nicotine

Regular cigarettes – 18mg of nicotine

Light to medium cigarettes -12mg of nicotine

Ultra-light cigarettes – 8mg of nicotine

Super light cigarettes – 3mg of nicotine.

Non-smokers – 0mg of nicotine

Another factor you need to take into consideration is what type of device you are using.

For disposable (such as: Gorin Max, Takin, Gorin, Rios) or rechargeable e-cigarettes (For example: Vieno), you can match up the nicotine level to your current tobacco use.

For more powerful devices, like those that are 10-20 watts, such as vaporizer pens, you can typically drop down one level from your nicotine level consumed from tobacco.

For the most powerful and variable devices, those that are 20+ watts, such as box mods, it’s best just to start at 3mg.

What if it is your goal to quit nicotine altogether?

Vaping is perfect for that.

Start at the amount that matches your current tobacco product, and then just reduce the level gradually over time, as it feels right for you.

Nicotine-free options allow you to continue vaping without the nicotine.

This method has enabled many vapors to quit nicotine but still enjoy the pleasures of vaping.

For more to come:

If you’re looking for even more advice and guides to vaping, we have lots of helpful articles to get you started on our vaptexworld.com/blog/vapeguide.

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