Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VAPTEX BOXMO is the world’s first disposable vape adopts the PEMT and AACT technology to deliver a unique and premium vaping experience for you.


BOXMO is armed with the Photo Etching Mesh Technology (PEMT) to make the mesh for a more precise and more evenly heating. And the Airway Automatic Cleaning Technology (AACT) is to design a unique structure in the airway to prevent the Spitback and this makes a big difference for your enjoyable vaping experience.


Partnering with the world’s leading influencers, the product launching estimate will cover the more than 10 million people! More and more distributors are placing the advance orders with more than 5 million pieces sold so far. It will be the VAPTEX’s best selling disposable vape in 2022!


VAPTEX BOXMO is More Than A Disposable, it’s a huge step for vaping innovation in the industry and we are excited to bring the BOXMO to you together with the vaping community.


Let’s unveil it together with the reviewers and kols!


Vaptex Boxmo has got so many good feedback from reviews and kols. It’s really a good quality diposable pod with new technology inside.


Please check out the review videos below for details about their views about Boxmo:








Wendy V Reviews



Fumb Duck



Faris.K Reviews



More reviews videos are coming soon! Stay tuned!


If you are interested about the price details about BOXMO, Please feel free to contact our sales team via this link: https://www.vaptexworld.com/contact/ or send email to sales@vaptexworld.com .


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